Quit a job as a mechanical engineer.

Decided to travel the world.

Follow the passion - Photography
Since my childhood, photography has fascinated me. It was in times, when in my home country buying any camera was not so affordable and easy to find like it is nowadays. When I was 15, my older sister bought herself simple compact film camera. I was totally amazed by her pictures of flowers. I worked hard to be able to buy my first second-hand camera. When I came home happy, my father had blamed me that all my savings are gone for such a ‘toy’ like camera . I started to take pictures of places around me. When I look back, from the settings aspect, it was just thousands of blind trials. Slowly, I started to realize that photography means really a lot to me. I moved on and try to focus on it, especially while traveling. Unfortunately, with full-time job (as mechanical engineer) my time was very limited. So, I saved money to be able to travel around the world and follow my passion - photography for one year.
Starting June 2016, flying directly to Moscow, taking Trans-Siberian Railway, then spending 5 months in Asia&Oceania. Now my journey continues in Latin America.